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Donate anything useful, burn the rest. Mix with Husband's ashes. Treasure or scatter as seems appropriate.


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What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? Was it any good?
Fermented (stinky - slimy) tofu. NO it is NOt good!


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So, when at 10am I decided to mow the front lawn it was only 80.

Then I decided to take the bike for a spin. Ended up riding round trip to the closest H.E.B. grocery, arriving back home at NOON! Covered in sweat and blowing like an out of condition race horse. Temperature is only 88, wonder what the humidity is.

I am humbled. It will be 45 minutes to an hour before I'll feel recovered enough to take a shower. Right now, maneuvering around a keyboard is taxing.
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I had old friends over last Thursday. We had a good evening visiting, and then left Friday morning to drive to Ft. Worth for SCA Coronation (no excuse). I left my sell phone in Houston. Sigh.

Got home late Sunday, to find message from Father in Law, I tried to access the message and got only silence. No Excuse.

I didn't call back. No Excuse.

He just called me today. My Mother in Law died on the 13th. Sigh. She had been failing for three months and was in a Hospice. I KNEW she wouldn't last long. But, I didn't keep in touch.

I'm tired of death. No Excuse.

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I got a phone call yesterday from Stephanie, a college friend. (Insert memories of 35 years ago, watching Star Trek on a black and white TV in my dorm room...) It seems that she had just found out that my last room mate, Pogo, (the one I had when I courted Mike), had died a week ago. Alone. In her apartment.

Stef got the news from her librarian (!) who remembered that she and Pogo (ex-room mate) were friends and had wondered if Stef knew anything about the funeral arrangements.

Stef called me and asked if I knew, and if I had contact information for Pogo's family. Eghads and little fishes!! I remembered that Pogo had dated Leonard (Horde brother) and contacted his e-mail. He found a phone number for Pogo's sister, Connie, in an old rollo-dex file.

The long and the short is, how many old friends and acquaintances are simply blipping out of the world totally unknown to me. No one I know seems to have information about James Bozarth, one of my first SCA friends... He dropped off the radar about two years after his wife, Janet, died. Hmmmm, It's about that long since Mike died... and I am now living alone.... feel bad plot for CSI episode looming here... Or would that be The Twilight Zone?

And HOW THE HELL do my friends have the gall to get old, and drop dead of old people's problems!! I'm not OLD! Heck I'm only 35 (and a wee bit more!) OK, to be brutally honest, I'm 62 and drawing Social Security, but that's not OLD!

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Not split personality; but split residences. I have driven back to Tennessee, this last week-end in November, planning to gather the first load of things I need in order to actually live (not camp) in my house in Texas.

Greeting my 'kids' was harder than I thought. If I could have just 'un-bought' the Texas house, I might have renegged on the whole thing right there and then. However, by the end of the evening, after dealing with several simple things left neglected since October, I am determined to carry through with this 'parent divorce' as Bevin termed it. Well, I don't view it as a 'divorce,' but more as extended 'summer camp' (for me!). Well, we did end the evening watching 'Toy Story 3' which deals with growing up and moving on to new experiences. Andy goes off to college, and his favorite toys move into the life of a new, imaginative child.

Among the first things to be disassembled will be the top bunk of my bunk beds. A brief check with the measuring tape indicates that the long members will fit in my truck. A few minutes with the VSR drill and wrench should suffice to undo the bolts. I will first load the ends of the bunk bed and the smaller of my sewing centers (folds to 4'x2' or so), then one of the two chairs I have from Mike's parents, cushioned by layers of boxes and bags of bedding, towels, my wedding china and stemware (china cabinet to come in a later load), and kitchen appliances/tools. Fill in the battery powered weedeater, leaf blower set. My small VSR drill set, and the Bosch saber saw. Then I cover the load with moving pads and the top of my delegged (is that even a word?) small table for my eat-in kitchen, topping off with the top bunk mattress. I should be able to handle almost all of this with minimal assistance. Hmm, perhaps the spinning wheel and harp if they will fit. (passenger seat?)

This trip is complicated by an SCA event, Magna Faire (Major Arts and Sciences event), the first week-end in December, and a hard deadline in Texas on December 8, when Sears delivers the refrigerator/washer/dryer/TV, and the phone and cable are installed.

Add to this, sessions with Bevin and Arthur on dividing the bills for utilities and credit cards. Some will stay with the Tennessee house, and some will be diverted to Texas.

Polish the entire thing off, with a return to Tennessee in order to drive the three of us to my Mom's for Christmas Eve celebration. Then another drive back to Texas, probably with one or more of the kids ferrying my car down. Truck loaded with my chest of drawers and clothes. Then, yet another trip back to to Tennessee to return the kid, and pick up a third truck load of stuff. Larger sewing table, matching chair from Gordon and Jean, floor loom, boxes and boxes of yarn, wool, quilting supplies, books etc. One trip will also include the SCA trailer loaded with woodshop tools and small lawn mower. (I have to rent a parking place for the trailer as it is too tall to fit in the garage, and I can't park a trailer in the driveway in The Woodlands.

After brief discussion with Arthur and Bevin, Aragorn (the blue-grey cat) will stay with the house in Tennessee. It is the only home he has known, and is an indoor/outoor indenpent sort, and I think he is more oriented to the house than to an individual family member. Hobbs, our recently adopted small dog, does well with Arthur and Bevin and will also stay in Tennessee. Wizard, the dalmation mix, is VERY fixed on me, (well, Mike was #1 in his life,and I'm the next best substitute), I haven't figured out when will be the best time to take him. He loves to ride in any vehicle, but his hips make getting in and out harder for him now. When I am packing for an SCA event, Wizard continually trys to 'stop me' by being constantly underfoot, almost as if he's trying to 'stop' me from leaving.

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OK, I wasn't doing anything but visiting my friend Trish (Jalali) down near Houston, TX, and doing a LOT of SCA events.

So, one Saturday morning this friend of hers tells us about this house he just finished painting so it can go on the market and would we be interested in seeing the colors....

So, over we go and I got to chatting with the realtor about how I have been looking (kind of) for a house much closer to my friends.....

That night I got an e-mail of 39 homes on the market that met my specifications as to price range, ammenities and on one floor in this area.

So... I selected 9 houses, and on Monday we looked at 8 and I found it!

111 Sandpebble Drive, The Woodlands 77381

We posted an offer to the sellers, they countered with the exact amount we really wanted to pay, etc. All over by Tuesday evening.. Brief phone call to Bank and funds were moved into checking so I can purchase the house with cash. Utilities arranged, home inspection revealed only minor problems that were quickly fixed.

Oh, and I was away at a camping event Thursday through Sunday. It was a wonderful event, and part of why I am returning to South East Texas. Monday was final initialing on ammended contracts, getting maps of area, etc. We will close November 24 at 8:30 in the morning !!! OMG this is moving really fast...

Room in kitchen for dining table, so the dining room will become my spinning and weaving area. The master suite will be for sewing with TWO 12'x8' walls that I can cover with flannel for designing quilts. That leaves me in the smaller bedroom, and the larger one for guests.

Bevin and Arthur (23 and 26) like the idea of me moving away. They want to be the "ADULTS" of the house. LOL ROTFL till my sides hurt. Well, I will NOT be home for Thanksgiving after all, and they are doing the turkey thing, and inviting friends over for dinner. Tennessee house will remain in my name. Mortgage is being paid automatically via an annunity. Basic utilities are on automatic, and they can deal with food etc.

I feel free, or in free-fall, it's kinda scary fun....

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Well, I'm back in Houston with Jalali, Been here for 6 weeks already. We have been BUSY attending SCA events almost every week-end; capping the juggernaught off with Cirque du Soliea Allegria on the 11th! Rain only in two nights, the rest of the time the weather has been clear and (for here) slightly cool. Wonderful for SCA!

Today, a new friend of Jalali (from the BIG TEXAS dance hall of all places) just happened to be finishing up the painting on a house that is coming on the market. It just happens to be 5 minutes from Jalali's house. It's at 6 Morning Forest in The Woodlands TX 77381. Yard is unfenced and opens onto a greenway (forested planned drainage area) but houses on the sides have full 7' wooden fences so I'd only have to do the short sides and perhaps the back in chain link. Small outside patio off the kitchen is almost totally private and has power and water (hot tub?) House has new pergo flooring in all rooms, but they got hurry-up on the moldings and just slapped quarter-round down. I can fix that!

The master bedroom suite will make a lovely sewing studio (cathedral ceiling). The two car garage is finished, there is some storage in the attic in addition. The two bedrooms are smallish, but that's just for sleeping etc. The smaller bedroom has a cathedral ceiling so my bunk beds can go in there. The driveway is two vehicles wide and straight into the garage. Garage opens into the laundry room and then directly into the kitchen and on out a glass door onto the small side patio.

Please google on the 6 Morning Forest, The Woodlands, TX 77381 address and let me know what you think.

Oh, price is very reasonable for this area
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Sigh. Once again my adventure begins with a simple task gone awry. Time to renew the license plates on my Gold Saturn Vue. (Starhelm's favorite car...the one HE was driving THAT day). After carefully waiting until the middle of the month, so the lines won't be long. I drive into the emissions testing station. And FAIL. What? Wait a minute! Three computer codes were spit out by the Vue.
OK, I take it to my local car maintenance folks ('You used the wrong color of duct tape") and they couldn't deal with it either (Seems my Saturn Vue has a Cadillac engine?). Call the remaining Saturn dealership on the far side of town and they say take it to the local Chevy folks. Drive to Chevy early in the morning, get a courtesy ride home, they call and give me a Several THOUSAND dollar quote of what's wrong... and none of their recommended repairs include the codes from emissions testing. Salesman gives me a hard sell on one of their products, including the "Discount is only available till the end of the month..."
Retrieve the VUE from the Goddless (Can you tell I don't like this dealership - long story) and drive to the FAR side of town to CoolSprings Saturn.
While I'm waiting for diagnosis on the Gold Vue, I wander over and look at the other Vues for sale on the lot. Eghads. A much newer and ritzier version of what I was driving. And it's BLACK! And it's less $$ than the compact Chevy I just looked at. And they will discount for cash, and take the gold Vue as a trade in.

OK end of long story? I am now driving a very lightly used (37,000 miles) V6, front wheel drive Vue. It has more horseposer than the Gold Vue, (not to mention 120,000 less miles) (Still under manufacturers warranty no less).

Required Snag.. (This is me after all.) The title says "Michael AND Karen Boelter". I have to drive back the next morning and present Mike's death certificate. (He sure isn't going to sign the title). And the license plates? The dealership is mailing them to me...

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I should have known.

The week after I finally (after 18 months) canceled my mundane health insurance and went entirely with Tri-Care; I get a letter from the USAF (along with two pages of forms) saying that they are re-classifying Mike's death from Line of Duty to "Prior existing Condition - Not Line of Duty. And give me 45 days to come up with "New and compelling evidence as to why they shouldn't change his classification.

OKaaay, how can I supply 'new' evidence when I don't know what 'old' evidence they used to make this decision.

Apparently only the Judge Advocated voted for "not line of duty', all other departments voted 'line of duty'.

Thank Ghod I have friends in interesting places. One is seeking out a retired JAG officer for legal advice; Another is offering to review Mike's medical records and autopsy.....

What really ticks me off is that they took 18 MONTHS to decide to change this. I'm almost as panicked now as I was when I found out that we had failed to insure the mortgage against his death...

PS - the fact that Wizard has something causing him to wake in the night and scratch for five minutes - soooo I'm about three quarts low on sleep...
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